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Honoring Nipsey & Our Ancestors

As many of you are aware the late great Nipsey Hussle passed away 3/31/2019 in front of his clothing store. This sad news shock the CommUnity we live in so hard! The trauma that everyone felt was on a spiritual level for sure. I believe we have all been impacted by his death. As if this exact divine moment fulfilled a mental in-slavement of our people!
How can we HONOR our ancestors that have transitioned and how can we use herbal medicine to do this! One of the powerful things about our people and our generation is the fact that we are researching who we are and what cultures and 
Lets talk about Pouring Libations which is part of our ancestral heritage. Nipseys mom did this at the services to honor all their ancestors that have came before them. 
1. On the ground, Or in a Plant.
2. Cup Of Water or Spirits
3. Call on the family members/leaders/ancestors/orishas by name.
4. Say ASE after each name- Ase is generally defined as "the power to make things happen" 
5. Send a prayer, request or affirmation while doing so focus your energy and connect yourself to the other realm as a means to communicate and remember who we are and never forget!
* You can honor your ancestors everyday by pouring libations.
Herbal Candle & Ancestor Money
Another form of ritual that you can do when someone passes on. Is lighting a white candle dressed in herbs in honor of their soul leading to their next chapter. 
 BASIL: Protection, Love

 BAY LAUREL: - Communicating with the dead, protection, triumph, A must for funeral wreaths.

 BIRCH: Rebirth. Renewal

 CEDAR: Prosperity, Purification.

 COMFREY: Healing.

 CYPRESS: Endings. Karma cycles are over

 ELDER: Transformation

 FRANKINCENSE: Purification, Spiritual Transformation.

 GARLIC: Protection for negative energies

 HOLLY: Renewal, Resurrection.

 IVY: Rebirth, Celebration.

  LAVENDER: Memories, Peace.

 LEMON BALM: - Immortality, happiness; used in a tea for emotional cleansing and uplifting.

 LILY: Resurrection.

 MINT: Joy, Good in tea to bring restful sleep for the grieving

 MISTLETOE: Protection.

 MUGWORT: Inner Sight

 MULLEN: Cleansing.

 MYRRH: Healing, Purification, Protection, Used in Mummifying.

 OAK: Strength. Renewal of the soul, healing of wounds (unfinished business)

Oudh: Resurrection

PARSLEY: - Good luck in here after; decorating tombs, altars to the dead

 PERIWINKLE: Immortality, " Flower of the Dead, " Placed on graves.


 POPPY: Restfulness.

 ROSEMARY: - Friendship, purification, happiness; tossed into open graves " for remembrance, " burned as incense, carried in funeral processions, to aid the dead in finding their way.

 ROSES: Love Purification.Protection


 RUE: Karmic Completion.

 SAGE: Wisdom, Purification.

 SANDLWOOD: Purification.

 THYME: Purification.

 WILLOW: Releases, Cleansing.

 WORMWOOD: Transformation.

 YARROW: Protection, Healing.

 YEW: Immortality, endings; once planted in graveyards to protect bodies of the departed.

Use these herbs to dress a white candle with honey, our place these herbs in a mojo bag and place inside casket or pour over burial grounds. You can also use these to decorate the alter. 


Herbal Medicine throughout generations and cultures have had major impacts in our lives as we study them we become closer to source. 



This is commonly found in Asia traditions like Buddhism, Taoist and Hindu. Burning Ancestors is something that my ancestors loveeee! I always feel most fruitful and abundant the weeks that I feed my ancestors and offer them Ancestor money or Joss Papers. Theses are symbolic in the Heavenly Banks by burning ancestor money essentially we are paying there way through the next cycle and also gifting them abundance, because we live in a would that honors the law of correspondence or as above so below we too are increased and blessed this is a great method to gaining prosperity 

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