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Zaris Goals


  1. Educate: The goal for Zari is to educate clients about herbology in general and specifically as it relates to Zari Essentials product and brand. I want people to feel my passion upon walking into the shop. I want people to be informed on the importance of plant medicine and how it can improve health beauty and lifestyle.  
  2. Expand: We want to expand the Zari Essentials experience, bringing an online based shop to a store setting. Our hope is to expand our approach to teaching and sharing products with people. 
3. Engage at Physical Locations: We understand that there’s something very special about being able to physically touch a product before you buy which makes the shopping experience very enticing for consumers. Also, we innerstand that customer experience of a physical store is indispensable to buying. To further validate the idea, a recent study by Accenture showed that 78% of shoppers are “webrooming” (browsing online, then purchasing in a store) today.

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